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Almond Apricot

Almond Apricot

Almond Praline bon bon

Almond Praline

Balsamic Strawberry Caramel Bon Bon

Balsamic Strawberry Caramel

a basil strawberry chocolate bon bon

Basil Strawberry



a blood orange chocolate bon bon

Blood Orange Dulce de Leche

Blueberry Lavender

Blueberry Lavender

a blueberry chocolate bon bon

Blueberry Oat Cardamom

A caramel apple bon bon

Caramel Apple Caramel

a caramelized white chocolate bon bon

Caramelized White Chocolate

a chile mango bon bon

Chile Mango

a chiltepin caramel chocolate bon bon

Chiltepín Caramel

a chiltepin caramel chocolate bon bon

Chiltepín Dark Chocolate

classic dark chocolate bon bon

Classic Dark Chocolate

Horchata bon bon

Cocoa Nib Horchata (vegan)

coconut caramel bon bon

Coconut Caramel (vegan)

A cranberry pate de fruit bon bon

Cranberry Pâte de Fruit

EXO chocolate bon bon

Caffé Mocha

grapefruit fennel bon bon

Grapefruit Fennel Pollen

Hazelnut Praline

Hazelnut Praline

A maple milk chocolate bon bon

Maple Milk Chocolate

masala chai bon bon

Masala Chai (vegan)

Matcha Sesame bon bon

Matcha Sesame Rice Milk (vegan)

Mesquite white chocolate bon bon

Mesquite White Chocolate

Mezcal Caramel Bon Bon

Mezcal Caramel

lemon poppyseed bon bon

Milk & Honey Lemon Poppy

A passionfruit lime bon bon

Passionfruit Lime Caramel

Peaches and Crème Fraiche Bon Bon

Peaches and Crème Fraiche

Peppermint Dark Chocolate bon bon

Peppermint Dark Chocolate

Peppermint Candy Dark Chocolate

Peppermint Candy Dark Chocolate

Pepper Rose bon bon

Pepper Rose

Pine Needle Caramel

Pine Needle Caramel

Pomegranate Hibiscus bon bon

Pomegranate Hibiscus Caramel

Prickly Pear Caramel bon bon

Prickly Pear Caramel

A pumpkin spice bon bon

Pumpkin Spice Caramel

Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Reposado Sweet Orange Margarita bon bon

Reposado Sweet Orange Margarita

A salted caramel bon bon

Salted Caramel

Salted Rose Caramel Bon Bon

Salted Rose Caramel

Sonoran Sea Salt bon bon

Sonoran Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Sugar Plum Caramel

Sugar Plum Caramel

a Vanilla Bean Caramel Milk Chocolate bon bon

Vanilla Bean Caramel Milk Chocolate

Whiskey Infused Dark Chocolate Ganache bon bon

Whiskey Infused Dark Chocolate Ganache

Whiskey Infused Caramel bon bon

Whiskey Del Bac Caramel

Please note that our bon bons are constantly in rotation, and flavors listed here may not always be available

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